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Let's Go Green!
Consider switching to more natural cleaners and personal products, such as natural detergents or organic detergents, as well as organic shampoos and lotions.  Made of natural substances instead of man-made chemicals, minimal harmful chemicals are used in the process of their production.  At the same time, these natural products are ready bio-degradable and do little harm even when released into the environment, because they are found in the natural environment in the first place.

Switch to organically grown food if you can.  Organically grown food is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that would harm the environment, as well as hormones or genetic reengineering.  What's more, organically grown foods are so much healthier, because they are free of carcinogens and heavy metals (as a result of the synthetic chemicals), as well as more nutritious.  And keep away from fast-food!

Thing about the shampoo, soap and cleaning detergent that you use.  Many of them contain chemicals that are washed down the sinks and pipes, into drains, rivers, reservoirs or even the sea.  GO GREEN! 

We offer Harmony Cream Soaps
All goat milk soap products are made using fresh premium Goat Milk and whole natural oils.  Processing is done by hand from feeding and milking goats to packaging each individual item.

  • Only whole ingredients are used
  • An average of 1.32 ounces of goat’s milk per bar
  • No chemical preservatives, fragrance oils, artificial color or fillers
  • There are no other soaps like ours because our recipes are exclusive
  • Rosemary is our choice for a natural preservative in our products that require it
  • Harmony Cream Soaps are formulated with at least a 7% caustic discount making them very mild

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